La Romaine 1 dam, Canada, Quebec

Time frame
July 2014- November 2014

La Romaine, Quebec
Hydro Quebec
Contract type
Subcontractor and adviser
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The contract includes technical services and leasing of asphalt core pavers for construction of asphaltic core dam in Eastern Quebec.

La Romaine 1 dam is the phase one of the Romaine Complex, a 1,550-MW Power Generation Project in Quebec. Construction of the Romaine-2 phase began in 2009, power generation started at the end of 2014. Veidekke was involved for construction 5 dikes and the main dam.

Construction of the dikes and the dams were completed at the end of 2013 with great success. 

Construction of asphalt core works at La Romaine 1 dam started in July 2014, the completion of civil works were scheduled in summer 2015. Hydro Quebec managed to accomplish all civil works in November 2014, that is eight months ahead of project schedule. 

The embankment volume is 562.000 m3, in which the asphalt volume consists of 8.000 m3. The height of the dam will be 40 meters, the length of the dam included spillway is 950 meters.

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