Tabalah Dam in Saudi Arabia

Time frame
July - October 2014

Wadi Tabalah, 50 kilometers west of Bisha in the Asir province, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Water and Electricity
Contract type
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The contract consists of supplying advisory personnel, services and specialized machinery for the asphalt core construction works.

The main purpose of dam is flood control. The dam is designed to be 49 meters high and have a capacity to store 68 million cubic meters of water. Veidekke is engaged by Bin Jarallah Group.

Prior to commencement of asphalt work on the dam the Contractor a trial was carry out in the middle the June.  The purpose of the trial (Pre-Construction) is to demonstrate that the asphalt concrete mix, the construction methods, the personnel and machinery can perform the various tasks and satisfy the requirements defined in the technical specification. After the cooling period of 4 days,  100 mm diameter drilled cores were recovered, at least at 6 locations. Each core was logged, inspected and tested in accordance with the specifications. As the results from this Trial were satisfactory, the construction works started on the dam at the beginning of July 2014.  

The height of the dam will be 49 meters, embankment volume will be 1.040.000 m3 and the volume of asphalt  8 000 m3.

The asphalt works on the dam is expected to be completed by end of October 2014.

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