Shur River Dams, Iran

Time frame
October 2009 - May 2011

Shur, Iran
National Iranian Copper Industries
Australian Tailings Consultants and Middle East Water & Environment
Contract type
Subcontractor and adviser
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The Shur River dams are located in the Kerman province, at the Sar Cheshmeh copper mine

Collection of seepage water

The area is semi desert at an altitude of 2300m. The purpose of the dams is to collect seepage water from the copper tailing and from the small river for reuse in the copper production. This is a high risk earthquake area.

Rock fill embankment dams

Both dams are rock fill embankment dams with a central asphalt core. The dam heights are 80 and 27 m.

Client and projects partners

Australian Tailings Consultants and Middle East Water & Environment were the consultants for the Client, National Iranian Copper Industries Company.

Ahab Construction Company was awarded the construction contract and Veidekke became subcontractor for the asphalt core construction supplying supervision, quality control and specialized machinery.

Asphalt core works commenced in October 2009 and were completed by May 2011.

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