Foz do Chapeco dam, Brazil

Time frame
December 2009 – April 2010

Uruguai river, state of Santa Catarina
CNEC Engenharia
Contract type
Subcontractor and adviser
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Veidekke delivered asphalt core competence and advisory for the first asphalt core dam in Brazil.

Consultant Company for this project was CNEC Engenharia. The dam is located on the Uruguai river in the state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. Annual precipitation in this area is approximately 1750 mm with heavy rain in December to March. It was essential for the client to choose a design whereby the construction process could be very fast with little interruption because of the frequent rainy conditions.

Project description

Asphalt works started in December 2009 and were completed in the middle of April 2010.

Previous standards have called for asphalt to be laid in 20 cm layers. The layer thickness was here increased to 25 cm after performing trials that documented that up to 4 layers of 25 cm each could be laid without any detrimental effect on the void content or permeability of the laid asphalt. Void content measurements based on core drilling were regularly performed and proved that the laid asphalt core has a void of less than 1.5%, or a permeability of less than 10-11 cm/sec.

The 47 m high asphalt core was built laying 1 to 3 layers per day, each 25cm thick, following the infilling of the dam body.

Cammargo Corrêa supplied the asphalt plant, ordinary machinery, personnel and laboratory services while Veidekke Industry supplied special machinery and supervisory staff.


Maximum dam height

47 m

Length of crest

600 m

Dam volume

1.5 million m3

Asphalt volume

17.000 m3

Asphalt core thickness


Upstream slope


Downstream slope


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