Kjosnesfjorden asphalt core dams, Norway

Time frame
May 2008 - October 2008

6843 Skei, Jølster, Norway
Kjosnesfjorden Kraftverk AS
Norconsult AS
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In October 2008, Veidekke finished constructing the asphalt core for the two dams in Jolster, Sogn og Fjordane in Norway.

In connexion with construction of Kjosnesfjorden hydro power station, the reservoir at Trollavatn should be regulated from existing level 985 to 1001.4 m. This resulted in the construction of two small dams, both rockfill dams with central asphalt core. At that time, more than 80 such dams had been built world-wide, and the performance of all these dams has been very good.

As both dams are fairly low, 25 and 20 m, respectively, the asphalt core is only 40 cm wide and the connection to the good rock base is much simplified.

The asphalt was produced at a modern asphalt plant in Forde city, approximately 70 km from the dams, and transported to site in insulated tippers. The other dam zones were produced from tunnelling material and quarry on site.


Main dam

Saddle dam

Maximum dam height:

25 m

20 m

Length of dam crest:

360 m

110 m

Level at top:

1004.6 m

1004.0 m

Crown width:

5.0 m

5.0 m

Up- and downstream slope:

1: 1.5

1: 1.5

The asphalt core works begun in late May 2008 and was completed October 2008.

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