Mora de Rubielos, Spain

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Mora de Rubielos, Spain
Ministerio de Medio Ambiente
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Subcontractor and advisor
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Veidekke Industri successfully completed the Mora de Rubielos asphalt core dam in August 2005.

The constructon period for the asphalt works was less than 4 months. The contract included supply of specialist assistance and advisors, supervision and supplies of specialised plant and equipment for constructing the asphalt core and transition zones.

Mora de Rubielos is a small mountain village 1100 metres above sea-level. The village is situated 100 kilometres north-west of Valencia on the East coast of Spain. Together with the EU, local authorities contributed with resources for the construction of the dam. The dam's main purpose is to reduce the outtake of drinking water used for agricultural purposes.

The dam is 35 metres tall and the length reaches 215 metres at the top. The dam has a maximum volume of 950 million m3 when the dam reservoirs are full. Veidekke operated as a sub-contractor of FCC Construccion S.A. Veidekke's contract included use of the paver and know-how. During a four-month period, 1700 m3 of asphalt was put in place. At the same time, 2 x 155 cm of filter material was put in place as support.

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