Murwani asphalt core dams - Saudi Arabia

Time frame
October 2007 - October 2009

100 km north-east of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Yüksel Insaat A.S.
Temelsu Engineering
Contract type
Subcontractor and adviser
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Veidekke built the two asphalt core dams for the Murwani Project in Saudi Arabia.

The dams were built in co-operation with Yüksel Insaat Saudi Co. Ltd. The dams purpose is to maintain the groundwater level and for flood protection. The reservoir level will be filled when the seldom rain occurs and be emptied gradually to the ground. Central asphalt cores are very flexible and especially suited for such unfavorable stress situations.

The asphalt works were performed with employees from 4-5 different countries and supervised by employees from Veidekke Industri.

Project description

The project consists of one major 100 meter high dam and one 30 meter high saddle dam with the spillway in-between the two. The main dam is built on top of a concrete gallery while the saddle dam is built on a smaller concrete plinth. Emphasis was put on establishing a very flexible asphalt mix even with the fairly hard bitumen that was available. The flexible properties were confirmed in the triaxial tests that was part of the mix design.

A modern asphalt batch plant and laboratory was established on site for production and quality control of the 80,000 tons of asphalt required for the two dams.


Main dam

Saddle dam

Dam height

102 m

30 m

Length of crest

575 m

437 m

Level top dam

251 m

251 m

Up-and downstream slope

1: 2.15/1: 2.05

1: 2.15/1: 2.05

Dam volume

5.35 mill m3

0.65 mill m3

Asphalt volume

23.800 m3

3.700 m3

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