The Urar Asphalt Core Dam, Norway

Time frame
1996 - 1997

Lisle Urevatn
Otteraaens Brugseierforretning
Contract type
Sub contract
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In the mountainous area of Setesdal in Norway, Veidekke used the short summer season to complete the asphalt core dam at Lisle Urevatn, one month ahead of schedule.

The Urar asphalt core dam is 40 meters tall. The length of the crest is 150 meters. The width of the asphalt core is 50 cm and the two transition zones are 1,5 meters wide each. A total of 1700 m3 asphalt was placed.

As the construction work progressed, the Urar dam was gradually filled with water, until the volume reached approximately 160 million m3. For placing the asphalt- and filter core, custom-made machinery developed by Veidekke, was used.

A few techical data:

Rock volume: 165 000 m3. Core thickness: 0,5 meters. Bitumen content: 6,6 %. Aggregates: Crushed rock. Filter substance: Crushed rock: 0-60 mm.

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