The history of Asphalt Core Dams

The concept of asphalt as a waterproofing medium inside embankment dams was first developed in Germany in the 1960s

The first ever asphalt core dam built by a Norwegian contractor was Storvassdammen, built by Sig. Hesselberg in 1981, which Veidekke subsequently acquired in 1989.  In 1983, however, Veidekke, in a joint venture with Korsbrekke & Lorck, won its first asphalt core dam contract for construction of the Riskallvatn dam.

From 1989, the activities of Veidekke and Sig. Hesselberg were merged into a single unit and internationalised as dam building activity in Norway diminished. With continuous  development of its asphalt core technology and construction technology, today, under the name of Veidekke, the Asphalt Core Dams division has  participated on or completed construction of 21 asphalt core dams, of which seven have been built in Norway. This specialised division represents the only world-wide activity within the Veidekke group. 

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