About Us

About Us

Veidekke Asphalt Core Dams

Leading specialist contractor and advisor.

Veidekke is Norway's largest and Scandinavia's fourth-largest contractor and property developer.

Veidekke comprises three business areas; Construction, Industrial and Property Development. Veidekke Industri AS (Veidekke Industrial) is Norway’s largest asphalt contractor and the country’s second largest producer of aggregates. Industrial is also a major player in the operation and maintenance of public roads.

Veidekke Industri AS, department Veidekke Asphalt Core dams, with well-developed machinery and technology, started rendering services in 1981. Over the past several decades, we have built numbers of asphalt core dams worldwide with great satisfaction. We are well renowned for our excellent cooperation with clients, consultants and local contractors. As of today, Veidekke is internationally recognized as the world’s leading Asphalt Core Dam contractor.

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